Biometric Online Authentication

Passwords Eliminated

Online Authentication,
No Password Required

Volta is an authentication provider that ties in with web sites' existing identity management frameworks. Volta allows verified users to authenticate to secured sites simply by using their mobile phone — leveraging the powerful security that is inherent to the Biometric capabilities offered by modern smart phones.

  • Users authenticate without the need for a password.

  • All current and future biometric technologies available for smart phones are supported.

  • Users control what data they wish to share for each site.

  • Entities control user access through advanced GPS-based “geo-fencing” technology and behavioral analytics.

Get ready to forget about passwords..
..and control what you share.

How Does it Work?

Sign in with your email address or phone number.

  • 1
    Enter Username

    Use your email address or phone number on any website that has the Volta button. The Volta platform will receive and validate the authentication request.

  • 2
    Respond On Your Smart Phone

    You will receive a notification through the Volta smartphone application. This notification will contain the name of the site you are requesting access to, and what data the site is requesting.

  • 3
    That's It!

    After approving the request through the smartphone application, Volta will forward this approval to the website along with validation and authorization data. The website then signs you in — all without a password.

High Availability

Cloud based - Volta authentication systems are deployed across various cloud providers to maintain maximum uptime and scalability.

Why choose us?


Volta was conceived with privacy in mind. We will never share your data and you are always in control. Volta users choose what they wish to share with whom.


The Volta platform was designed and architected with security at its core. We use the highest grade ciphers and modern encryption technologies available.

All user data is segregated and uniquely encrypted. We use a variety of custom and proprietary algorithms to identify users and the resource they are requesting.


When you use Volta, you have a single repository for your data. You no longer have to worry about updating your contact and payment data with multiple sites when that data changes.

When you update your data, all authorized parties instantly have access to this “fresh” data.


Utilizing load balancers for an on-premise solution, customers can maintain the same high availability and uptime that is available through our cloud solution.


Choose from one of the following plans. Or, contact us for custom pricing if your system needs to support a higher number of users.

Simple solution. Built for people.

Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play and downolad the Volta App at no cost.

Get in touch

Please leave us a note if you have questions or comments regarding the Volta Authentication system.